✨Welcome 2022 – My Resolutions ✨

Hello Everyone! First of all Happy New Year and Welcome to 2022. I hope this new year brings many blessings and finally the end of the pandemic. I never usually do New Years Resolutions, but this year, it’s something I really want to try. This post will serve me as a promise to myself. At the end of the year, I will check how many I followed and what I was able to achieve.

Photo by Debby Hudson on Unsplash
  1. Be more organized – I’m usually super organized at work. At home? That’s a whole other story. I want to take the time to organize my place and establish a routine to help me keep it neat and organized throughout the year. My goal is to pick a spot a month to organize, buy all the things I need to keep it organized and move to the next until the whole place is properly organized. I started organizing this year, but it was just to expensive. That’s why my goal is to pick a spot a month to make it more manageable and not so hard on my pocket. Would you like to see how I organize?
  2. Work on my health – In 2020 when the pandemic began, out of boredom because of lockdowns I started working out at home. To my surprised, I loved it more than the gym and was the most consistent I’ve ever been. For 2022, I really want to be more consistent with my exercising. I new goal I have for my health is to eat better. My family eats not so great, so this will be a hard one. My solution will probably be to meal prep for the week so I can eat better. I also want to watch what I put on my body. Choose cleaner ingredients and also cleaner house detergents. My end goal for this is to lead a healthier lifestyle, wear a crop top 😂 (I already wear them but I want to feel better while wearing one) and take care of my body to ward off any health issues until as late as possible.
  3. Sleep better – I separated this one from my health because this is a whole other issue. For this year, I want to sleep a full 7 hours, so I want to plan a better sleep schedule for myself and be consistent about it.
  4. Keep up with my mental health – 2021 has been great for my mental health, I went to therapy, I tried new techniques and overall I felt pretty good. This year, I want to be an even better version of myself. I will look to start therapy again, and work on some unresolved issues in my life, making time for it is a little hard, so that’s the goal. Also, I wish to keep of with the activities that helped my mental health like coloring, meditating and yoga.
  5. Find a new hobby – This year I spent way too much time reading information about stressful things. I want to find a new hobby to occupy my mind and time instead of reading stressful things. Now that I mention this, I would also like to make time to read some good books. I used to always be reading.
  6. Be more active on the blog – I think this one is self explanatory. My goal for the first few months is to have a post every Saturday at 2:00 PM (AST). If I can keep up with this in the first few months, I will bump it up to 2 times a week.
  7. Be happy & enjoy life – Lucky #7, and the best one for last. The pandemic taught me is we have only life to live so we better enjoy it because it won’t pause for any reason. I want to make time to have fun, leave my house, travel (if pandemic doesn’t end, I’ll at least travel within my country) even make time for love. Who knows? End resolution is definitely to be happy and enjoy this one life I have.

I will let you know at the end of the year, how many I achieved. Do you have any New Years’ resolutions?

A huge hug,

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