How to Get the Best Deals on Makeup

Hello everyone! I hope you are all well after all this time. I haven’t had the time to update my blog properly, but I’m back. This time I hope it’s for good.

So for my comeback, I decided to write this post about saving money on makeup. Especially during these times, money is a little tight so, we need to make smart purchases.

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

1. Purchase From Ulta Over Sephora

Don’t get me wrong, I love Sephora, but their points program is not that great. I only buy from Sephora during their sales. I also only buy brands I cannot get from Ulta or products that are Sephora exclusive. Other than that, all my purchases come from Ulta. Their points program is amazing as it translates to cash. I have been able to get free makeup quite a few times. To take even more advantage of their points system, here are more things I recommend:

  • Download the Ulta app on your phone: You’ll get notifications of special points offers and even coupons. E-mails are easy to miss, but app notifications not so much. Try to plan your purchases around these offers.
  • Get the Ultamates credit card: The Ultamates credit card earns you an extra point on every dollar spent. So, more points for free money. Note: Please remember to use credit cards responsibly.

2. Use the Rakuten Extension

I love Rakuten! I’ve been using it for years. Rakuten gives you cashback just for making a purchase. You can get the cashback by 2 options, login into the Rakuten website and go to the website you want to shop from there or get the extension on your browser. I use google chrome and I have the extension there. I like it better this way since the extension begins to glow so you don’t forget to use it when you check out. It’s also a good idea to keep an eye out for their emails, as sometimes they have special offers of double or even triple cashback.

You can join Rakuten using my referral link: Sign up for Rakuten we both get a prize!

3. Use the Honey Extension

So Honey is another browser extension. I like it to check for coupon codes to make sure I always get the best deals. Sephora rarely has coupon codes that translate to discounts, but you can check for active coupon codes for a free gift. For Ulta, you can get money discounts. The honey extension has a list of coupon codes, when you are checking out, a banner appears where you can apply coupons. The app will apply all coupons in the list (all you have to do is wait) and keep the coupon code that gives you the biggest discount.

Note: You can’t use Rakuten and Honey at the same time. What I usually do is, use Honey during checkout and once I have the best coupon code, and I’m ready to pay, I click on my Rakuten extension to get my cashback.

You can use Honey using my referral link: Join Honey

4. Check the Makeup Brand’s Website for Discounts

The biggest discount I’ve ever seen from Sephora and Ulta both is 20% off. But sometimes the brand’s website has a bigger discount. I have seen a 30% off at Pat McGrath Labs website and Fenty Beauty. To keep tabs on this discounts you can signup to their newsletter and keep an eye out on that email.

A bonus tip: You can make a second spam email to receive all the newsletter so you don’t clog your main email. And check the second email everyday for discounts you might want. And delete everything every couple of days, since it’s a spam email, there is no danger to miss or delete an important email.

You can also use the Rakuten and Honey tips to shop for many things, not only makeup. I use it for clothes, skincare, and more.

Do you have any shopping for makeup tips? Share them with us in a comment below!

Write to you soon,

This post is not sponsored. All comments and opinions are my own and from my experience, try them at your own risk. All these tips were working at the time of writing this post.

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