Huda Beauty Large Mystery Bundle Unboxing

Hello everyone!

Sometime in mid-May I saw on @trendmooddeals instagram that Huda Beauty was selling some Mystery Bundles. I love buying the Jeffree Star Mystery Boxes (which I’m not buying anymore because I already have too much stuff from the brand), so why not see what I got from Huda? I don’t own much stuff from the brand so the odds of repeats is very low.

There were 2 different bundles. The Small Mystery Bundle for $49 which included 5 pieces and the Large Mystery Bundle for $89, the one I got, which included 7 pieces.

I would usually include shipping here, but I won’t this time. Due to Covid and the Black Lives Matter protests, the product could’ve taken longer than usual to arrive.

Ok, so this is what I got:

Mini Review

I was very surprised when I saw what I received. I own the Huda Beauty Mercury in Retrogade since it was the only palette that caught my eye. The moment I opened the Desert Dusk (which I had seen online and never liked it enough to buy) I immediately fell in love. It’s beautiful and I can’t wait to use it.

The mini obsessions I got, I was kind of disappointed when I saw them in my box, I was hoping for a Neon. But honestly, after I opened them, I ended up liking them. My favorite one is the Ruby. I don’t have many green eyeshadows. I don’t know how I would use them.

The lipsticks, I love. I have never tried this formula before, and I love they are kind of glossy and not super matte. I love the colors I got too. I got a bright pink which I love wearing sometimes and more of a nude shade.

Last thing I got was a matte primer. I don’t wear too much primer now a days. I feel like they don’t do much for me. But I’ll just add it to my pack of primers I’m working on emptying. I like that is matte though, since I have oily skin.

Overall Review

This has been the best mystery bag I have ever received. I’m very happy with all that I got in my bag. Plus, it was a great value. I only paid $89 and I got $191 worth of products (without including the cost of the tote bag).

If you want a review of any individual product, leave me a comment down below and I’ll do it.

Are you interested in a Huda Beauty Bundle? Did you get one? What did you receive?

Write to you soon,

At the time of writing things, the links to the products were working. These are not affiliate or referral links. I’m just sharing to make it easier for you to get anything you want.

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