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I’m quarantined at home and oh so bored! But the mail brought me my Fab Fit Fun box for spring today.  It definitely brightened my day after a week of lockdown.  This is the first box I have received from them.  So, let’s see what I got!


There are 2 price tiers.  You can pay for the box seasonally for $49.99 or you can pay a yearly fee for 4 boxes for $179.99.

Shipping to Puerto Rico is $8.00.

Shipping Time

I ordered my box on February 22, 2020.  It shipped on March 3, 2020.  And I received it today March 21, 2020.  Shipping here always takes a long time, but they shipped very quickly after I ordered.

What I Received:

Inside Box-min

Before shipping, you get to choose some of the options.  I chose some things, but I can’t remember.  There were a lot of things sold out too because I ordered a later when boxes had already shipped:

  1. reVive Light Therapy® Glō Wrinkle and Anti-Aging Light Device: I’m very excited about this, I wish it was acne related (since my skin is going crazy) but I’m happy I got it regardless.  Let it prevent all my future wrinkles.  The only thing I didn’t like, is that it is battery operated and not rechargeable.  (Value: $68.00)
  2. Shoshanna Umbrella: This umbrella is super cute, with flowers and ruffles at the edges.  Super beautiful.  Very easy to open and close.  Although it’s too big to keep in your bag. (Unless you own big bags).  (Value:$40.00)

  3. WEI™ Two-in-One Purify and Glow Mask Collection: A set of 8 face masks.  I think they are one portioned in little plastic jars.  There are 2 kinds of masks: Brown Sugar Ready Glow Exfoliating Mask and Golden Root Purifying Mud Mask.  I tried the exfoliating one, and I used way less than the portion provided in the plastic jar.  I saved the remainder, but I don’t think that could work with the clay mask. If it doesn’t it would be a little wasteful.  Let’s see when I try it. I’m not too excited about this product. (Value: $45.00)
  4. AG Hair Fast Food Leave On Conditioner: I love my hair.  I take care of it like a child, so I’m excited to try this leaving conditioner. It’s amazing that it is meant for Moisture since my hair is very dry (& damaged).  I haven’t tried on my hair yet, but it smells amazing and feels great on my hand.  (Value: $24.00)
  5. Jabonería Marianella Imperial Jade Body Oil: I love oils.  I use oils on my face and on my hair.  Now, I have an oil for my body.  Oils are a great moisturizer.  The oils in this seem like a great mix and it smells amazing.  Very excited about this. (Value: $68.00)
  6. This Works Deep Sleep Body Cocoon: Funny I got this.  I have sleeping problems.  I can’t sleep thru the night and I need melatonin to fall asleep.  (I’m going to a doctor about this, don’t worry too much).  It’d be interesting to try this and see if it really helps.  (Value: $40.00)
  7. Chic & Tonic Set of 4 Silicone Straws + Brush Cleaner & Case:  This is super cute.  I own stainless steel straws, now I have these silicones one.  I like that they are foldable, so I can fold them into the case and carry them in my bag.  I love the eco-friendly addition to my life.  (Value: $15.00)
  8. Avene Thermal Spring Water: To me this is just water, but it’s a cool concept.  I could use it to prep my skin for makeup or freshen up after going to the gym.   (Value: $14.00)

Overall Review

I absolutely loved this box.  I love that it had so much variety.  I usually don’t like when boxes have skincare because of my acne-prone skin, but I feel that all that was included here shouldn’t be that disruptive (except the face masks).  It was such a fun box and I highly recommend it.

My box had a value of $314 and I only paid $57.99.  You definitely get a good deal for what you paid.  Did you get a spring 2020 Fab Fit Fun box?  What did you get?

Join FabFitFun here. (It is a referral link).

Note: I linked to products to their page.  All links were valid and correct at the time of writing this post. These links may change at any time by the companies. If anything changed, please leave me a comment below so I can delete the link from this post.


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