Glamlite Palettes Review

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In this post, I’m reviewing three Glamlite palettes.

I wasn’t planning on buying these palettes, but I randomly bought it on Black Friday.  I was watching a video by Jeffree Star and he was talking about the brand, I checked the website out and I bought this bundle.  The bundle included the Pizza, Burger, and Taco palettes for $100.  On top of that, the brand had a 40% discount on the whole website. So, I thought 3 palettes for $60, I’ll take it and just impulsively bought it.

About the Brand

This is a quote from the Glamlite Cosmetics website:

Glamlite Cosmetics was founded by a Latin American immigrant named Gisselle Hernandez. At the age of 3 she migrated to Brooklyn, NY; a city known for having some of the best pizza in the world. Through her college years, she would eat pizza up to 3 times a week due to it’s convenience and affordability! Her passion for pizza led her to visit major cities throughout America in the quest to find the best pizzerias in the nation! One year ago, after relocating to Los Angeles, CA, she thought of the idea of combining her two greatest passions in life (pizza and makeup) and the idea of the Pizza Palette was born! Gisselle had struggled with her weight and been bullied her entire life because of it, but was now finally able to create the most amazing and creative makeup products to let people know that it’s okay to be yourself and embrace the things you love!

One of the reasons I was curious about trying the brand, was when I heard it was created by a Latina.  We always support a fellow Latina! 💪


As I mentioned above the website has a bundle for those 3 palettes for $100.  Which is about $33.33 per palette.  At their regular price the palettes go for:

  • Pizza Palette: $40.00 ($2.22/shade)
  • Burger Palette: $40.00 ($2.50/shade)
  • Taco Palette: $38.00 ($2.53/shade)

I find the prices super reasonable.  And the bundle gives you a $33 discount, which is great!


Puerto Rico is considered domestic, this is always amazing news!  So the website states that domestic shipping is free after spending $49.  I got free shipping.  I checked my email, and the package shipped on Dec 2.  The packaged arrived on Dec 5.  Shipping was super fast, and I love that.

Everything came super well packaged.  I don’t have pictures of that because I opened it with much excitement.  The palettes were individually bubble wrapped and the empty spaces of the box had more bubble wrap.  So your palettes are very safe.

  The Palettes & Swatches

I was going to describe the shade colors but that was going horribly so I’m skipping that.  Hopefully, you can tell from the pictures and swatches later on.  All the palettes have mirrors, which are so important to me.

About the swatches,  I realized when editing the pictures (I only added the text, no further editing) that I swatched backward for pictures.  I’ll work on that for the next post. Basically, look at the swatches from right to left, the first swatch is a finger swatch and the next is a brush swatch.  Also, the pictures are small for the aesthetics but click any picture and you can see them bigger and clearer.

The Pizza Palette

The pizza palette has 18 shades, 4 shimmers, and 14 mattes (.07oz per shade)

Pizza Palette inside-min

As you can see in the Swatches, this palette is super pigmented.  I love that the shade Black Olives looks terrible on the finger swatch, but swatched perfectly with the brush because you shouldn’t always trust finger swatches.  This is my favorite palette, since it is mostly matte,  and I prefer matte shades.

The Burger Palette

Burger Palette-min

The burger palette has 16 shades. 6 shimmers and 10 mattes. (.07 oz per shade)

Burger Palette Inside-min

In this palette, you can see clearer than in the Pizza palette how the shimmers don’t swatch well with a brush.  To me, that is not an issue since I always use shimmers with my fingers.  Another shade that didn’t swatch well was Mustard, however, I used it on my eyes and it works very well.  This could be because of my swatching skills or maybe it just doesn’t swatch well.   The shades 1000 EYEland and Blue Cheese are a different formula of shimmer, they are kind of bouncy.  Reminds me of the Colour Pop Shock Shadows, so they don’t work well with brushes, but are excellent with your fingers.

The Taco Palette


The taco palette has 15 shades.  8 shimmers shades and 7 mattes. (.05oz per shade)

Viva Taco Palette Shades-min

Basically, the same as the above applies to this palette.  There’s no particular shade that is bad.

Overall Review

The palettes are cruelty-free and vegan.  The palettes are manufactured in PRC (China) for the people who care.  The quality is amazing.  They are very easy to blend which is very important to me because I’m not extremely skilled in makeup application.  They are very pigmented and I love that the palettes are fun and colorful.  I don’t own very many colorful palettes, I’m a boring neutrals girl. As I said above, the shimmers work better with your fingers and the mattes always look fantastic, but they have loads of fall out (I don’t care about the fallout, I just blow it off, but I know some people do care). I’m surprisingly super excited to keep playing with these palettes.  I highly recommend them.  After trying these palettes, I’m actually looking forward to eventually trying more Glamlite products and any other products they release (not their lashes, because I don’t know how to apply lashes 😂)

Pros Cons
-The pigmentation -Size, palettes are very big
-Easily blendable
-Palettes have mirrors

Have you tried their products before?  What do you think?  let me know in the comments! Also if you have any additional questions I didn’t answer in the review, let me know in the comments.

A virtual hug to you all, and write to you soon,

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