Dominique Cosmetics Latte Palette

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Today I will be writing about the Dominique Cosmetics Latte Palette.  I will give you everything you need to know about the palette and my experience buying it.  First, like all my posts, I will begin with the company information about the product.


From the Dominique Cosmetics website

Excerpt from Dominique Cosmetics

Includes five transitional colors that can be used all over the lid or worked into the crease, three gorgeous foil shimmer shades that can be used all over the eye, in the inner corners, or as a halo and two pops of color that make any eye color stand out! The formulas are super blendable so you can create soft looks and buildable to an intense payoff that is long lasting and luxurious.

Other Information on the Palette

According to the packaging, it is cruelty-free and lasts 12 months after opening.

Shipping Information

I pre-ordered the palette on Jan 25.  The email I received said the palette would ship by Feb 7.  On Feb 6, I received an email stating the palette would ship in by the end of that week Now, I know it’s not a big difference, but keep in mind I was already waiting from Jan 25 considering it would ship by Feb 7.  Anyways I kept waiting.  On Feb 10, I received the notification that the palette shipped.  My package arrived on Feb 21.

I am not happy with the shipping time.  I paid $7.70 for shipping to Puerto Rico.  On top of having to wait after the expected shipping date of Feb 7, I had to wait 11 days for my package to arrive.  I in all honestly expected that as a pre-order I would receive my palette before it was available to the general public.  So I was unhappy about that.  The shipping for a comparable brand/price (Lime Crime, who offers free shipping over $50, but if you see the package the shipping charge is about $8 and also comes from California) shipping time is usually half of what this one took.  I get it is a new brand, but if I am paying that much for shipping, I expect it to be here in a good time frame.  I also know that it is not the cosmetics brands’ fault, but it is definitely a factor that I need to consider before a potential future purchase.

Box a


The price of this palette is $42 and it includes 10 shades.  This makes it $4.20 per shade.  The palette is 18 grams which brings it to about $2.23 per gram.  I read/heard many complains that the palette was expensive.  I also thought it was expensive until I compared it with one cult favorite, the ABH Modern Renaissance Palette which is approximately $4.29 per gram.  I think the price is reasonable.


The packaging is beautiful.  The box it came with was a standard cardboard box but inside it had the logo of Dominique Cosmetics.  It came with a card with a message from Christen Dominique.  The palette comes inside a beautiful rose gold box with the logo.  

The palette packaging is white with rose gold accents.  Two of my favorite colors.  The material is very easy to clean.  It has a big mirror which is always a plus.  The palette pans are big, according to Christen Dominique, this is because you are able to use bigger brushes in case you want to use a shade for other purposes like highlighting.

Latte Palette


I made a review format change!  I will include the color description here instead of in the product information section.  All color descriptions are from Dominique Cosmetics website.

  • Hazelnut: Matte warm brown with a red undertone
  • Caramel: Matte light taupe with a cool undertone
  • Vanilla Crème: Matte muted yellow
  • Mocha: Matte chocolate brown
  • Pumpkin Spice: Matte rustic muted orange with red undertones
  • Espresso: Foil brown with gold flecks
  • Macchiato: Foil Champagne with gold flecks
  • Crème Brulee: Foil copper rose gold
  • Cold Brew: Matte deep teal
  • Double Shot: Matte purple with red undertones

Swatches 1

Swatches 2
From Left to right, brush swatch followed by finger swatch


Final Thoughts

Second change!  I will be eliminating the reviews and just write all my opinions on the final thoughts section.

Ok, so this is a very good palette.  I agree with the claims.  It is blendable, buildable, pigmented and long-lasting.  I think it is very versatile and you can build many looks with the colors.  I like that it is not boring as you have some pops of color with Cold Brew and Double Shot.  You can also use some shades for other purposes.  Macchiato is a very good highlighter and Vanilla Creme can be used to brighten up the under eyes kind of like a banana powder.  This versatility makes it a great palette for traveling.  Again, I was very unhappy with the whole pre-order ordeal and the shipping time.  I do recommend this palette but keep in mind the shipping situation.

Pros Cons
-Versatility -shipping time
-Long lasting formulation

More Pictures

Box 1

Box 2

That’s all for today.  Hope you enjoyed reading this review.  So, tell me, have you tried this palette? or are you considering purchasing this palette?  Let me know in the comment below.

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