Dose of Colors Blushing Berries Palette

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First of all, sorry for the Christmas pictures, but I wanted to start my blog in December, but Hurricane María ruined my plans.  So, enjoy the snowflakes!


In this post, I will be writing about the Dose of Colors Blushing Palettes and the Holibae Set I purchased this holiday season.  The Holibae set is no longer available, but I will show it to you anyway.

Company Information on the Palette

Excerpt from the Dose of Colors website:

5 Pan Matte Eyeshadow palette, with a mixture of rich plums and ripe berry shades. This palette is a great way to add boldness and vibrance to your eye looks.

  • Berry Chic: Dusty Blush Pink
  • Rose Berry: Brown Rose
  • Berry Pop: Cool Raspberry
  • Mixed Berries: Blackberry
  • Berry Black: Rich Dark Black Color

Other Palette Info

This palette is

  • cruelty-free paraben free
  • talc free
  • made in the USA

The suggested expiration date is 12 months after opening.


I placed my order on 12/26/2017 and it arrived on 12/30/2017 from the Dose of Colors website.  They offer free shipping to the USA on purchases over $40 and international free shipping on orders over $60.  Puerto Rico is considered part of the USA for shipping purposes (at the time of writing this).

IMG_2819 (2)


This palette retails for $32.  It includes 5 eyeshadow pans, which means each shadow costs about $6.40.  I thought it was expensive, but these shadows are bigger than my other palettes.  Each one weighs 1.7 grams.


This is a small palette with a reflective red packaging.  This might get filled up with fingerprints, but it is very beautiful and easy to clean.  This palette also contains a mirror, and because of the compact size makes it excellent for traveling.



I understand that this palette is expensive, but quality wise, it is totally worth it.  I had never tried eye shadows from Dose of Colors and I was positively impressed.  The shadows are very pigmented, easy to blend with very minimal fallout (all eye shadows have fallout).  I honestly can’t say anything bad about them.  Also, if you are a beginner in makeup, this is a great palette for you, as it blends easily and it’s not complicated to select colors for a complete look.


From left to right the first swatch is with a brush and the one next to it it’s a finger swatch.


Final Thoughts

I’m in love with these eye shadows!  I know they are more fall colors, but I love reds and burgundies.  Makeup has no rules so I’ll wear these eye shadows all the time.  I do think the price is high, but you can’t beat this quality and pigmentation.  I highly recommend them.  I haven’t tried the other colors, but I am sure they are just as good.

Pros Cons
-pigmentation -price
-travel sized  -versatility


Here is the Holibae Lipstick set.  I purchased it at the same time because I am sort of obsessed with red lipsticks and also Dose of Colors is one of my favorite brands of liquid lipsticks.  I’m not talking much about them because this is not about them, but look at them!  I was going to put swatches but my application is horrible so, maybe next time.


Have you tried any of the Dose of Colors palettes?  What do you think about them?

Write to you soon,

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